10 Cute Plaid Shirts for Toddler Girls You Can Buy on Amazon

Amazon is a jungle of amazing products you can have delivered right at the front of your doorstep. Getting cute plaid shirts from Amazon is very easy and the selection very wide. We’ve collected some of the site’s ten best plaid shirts for your baby girl; from the buffalo plaid shirt to the Houndstooth plaid, we’ve got you covered!

What is plaid?

Many people mistake plaid for the flannel. To refresh you guys for a bit, the plaid is a pattern, and the flannel is the popular material that manufacturers use for the production of your favorite plaids. Plaid comes in a variety of patterns, such as tartan, checks or checkered, Ginghams, buffalo, and Madras.

The plaid is not only popular in grown-up fashion, but for toddler girl fashion as well. Popular kids clothing brands, Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Carter’s, use this pattern for toddler clothing. It’s no wonder why they are creating plaid shirts for the youngsters. The plaid trend looks so cute on your baby! Scroll down for more of the ten best plaid shirts for toddler girls and a variety of plaid shirts and some plaid outfit ideas for your little toddler girl:

Best Toddlers Flannel Shirts on Amazon

Toddler Kids Baby Girls Plaid Shirt and Leather Skirt Dress

Red Flannel Buffalo Plaid and Leather Skirt

Let us begin this list with the red flannel buffalo plaid and a leather skirt that will make your toddler girl stand out wherever she’ll go. The leather skirt is an excellent addition to the buffalo plaid as it adds another distinct layer of personality to your toddler.

Since it is already cool out, the faux leather skirt will be a nice way to keep your toddler warm together with their red plaid flannel shirt.


Baby Girls Dress Button Down Plaid Flannel Shirt and Skirts Clothes Set

Red Flannel Buffalo Plaid and Tutu Skirt

Another hit combination for moms is the red flannel buffalo plaid and tutu skirt.

This red plaid flannel shirt and skirt set from Happy Town would look perfect for your 3-month old in her Christmas photo shoots, family day, or any occasion where your toddler’s presence is expected.


Infant Baby Girls Button Plaid Dress Long Sleeve Playwear with Bowknot Headband

MILWAY Baby Girls Beautiful Button Plaid Dress with Classic Bowknot Headband

This long sleeve, button-down from MILWAY is a great example of windowpane plaid. The singular black lines intersecting each other, forming large squares on the fabric makes for a cute combination. What’s more is it comes with a cute bow headband. Perfect for a nursery school day presentation or a beautiful day at the park.


C&M Autumn Winter Toddler Kids Plaid Knitted Sweater Dress Set Baby Girls Coat Tops+Skirt Set

C&M Wodro Girls Dress, Autumn Winter Toddler Kids Plaid Knitted Sweater Dress Set Baby Girls Coat Tops and Skirt Set

This black and white Houndstooth plaid, toddler shirt and skirt set looks like it was taken from the collection of Coco Chanel. This set is made from cotton blend material perfect even for the hot summer days. One of the many sets for toddler shirts and toddler outfits available on Amazon, this Houndstooth pair also comes in the combination of pink and white.


Carter's 2-Piece Plaid Poplin Top and Jegging Set

Carter’s 2-Piece Plaid Poplin Top and Jegging Set

Carter is among the many brands who has become a household name in anything related to children’s products. This 2-piece plaid top and jegging combination feature a lightly colored tartan plaid poplin top. This set makes for a cute outfit when strolling around with your toddler where the vibe is playful such as spending the day at the park or any play areas.


Mud Kingdom Little Girls Outfits Skirts Plaid Shirts Clothes Sets

Mud Kingdom Little Girls Outfits Skirts Plaid Shirts Clothes Sets

This set from the Mud Kingdom is one of my favorite picks from this list of plaid shirts for toddlers. I love this because of its color and the cool skirt it comes with it. Now, I know I’m not a toddler, but I can see my daughter or my niece wearing this. The top is a red and white gingham plaid, very classic and perfect for a sunny day at the beach.


Gymboree Baby Girl Plaid Top 12-18 MonthsGymboree Baby Girl Plaid Top 12-18 Months

Gymboree’s clothes for toddler girls (and boys) are so affordable and fashionable, just like this baby girl plaid top with a colorful madras plaid. It’s cute and comes in different sizes that could fit your infant up to toddlers. That said, your toddler girl can match with her baby sister! That would be very cute for a family photo, wouldn’t it?


OshKosh B'Gosh Baby Girls' Plaid Poplin Peasant Top, Pink

OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Girl Plaid Poplin Peasant Top

This list of plaid shirts for toddlers will not be complete without any toddler shirts from Osh Kosh B’Gosh, a global brand manufacturing pretty and functional clothes for children of all ages. I picked out one of the cutest plaid shirts from their listing on Amazon.

The plaid poplin peasant shirt is a plaid in madras pattern. It has a very summery vibe, one that would look and feel cool for a sunny day at the park. The pink plaid and orange combination makes me think of a grapefruit! How refreshing!


Levi's Baby Girls' Western, Long Sleeve Denim Top

Levi’s Baby Girls’ Western, Long Sleeve Denim Top

Now, Levi’s can sound like a big girl’s brand, but they’re also making clothes for the little ones.

This blue tartan plaid is made of denim, a material that’s not easily worn out. Let your rugrat run around and not worry about having their clothes get dirty nor get ripped, after all, Levi’s is a brand who makes quality clothes since 1853.


U.S. Polo Assn. Baby Girls’ Plaid Rhinestone Studded Shirt with Roll Cuff Sleeve

Another big girls’ brand is US Polo Association, yet this plaid rhinestone-studded shirt with its rolled cuff sleeve captured my eye for its beautiful variety of colors. This particular shirt comes in three different colors called Stark Purple (predominantly purple but with some hints of turquoise), Turkish (predominantly turquoise with hints of yellow and purple), and the Modern Azure (a cool combination of blues and reds).

The shirt features not only rhinestones but also an embroidery of their infamous logo. Having this plaid shirt in your daughter’s closet is great for any day out.



Tips for buying Plaid Shirts Outfits for Toddler Girls on Amazon

Since you’re buying a purchase from an online source, we suggest that you remember the following tips for purchasing plaid shirts for your toddlers on Amazon:

  • Check for the included sizing chart. Knowing your toddler girl’s size is essential especially when buying through Amazon. Check the sizing chart and measure accurately to save you from the headache of returning a purchase.
  • Check for the reviews. Shopping from Amazon and getting the best deals from this jungle of a site involves the art of reading. Take time to read buyer’s reviews, for you to have a gauge of how the product should look. Clothes can be a tricky buy, and users sometimes put helpful tips such as purchasing a size or two bigger. Watch out for these comments and save yourself from the troubles of returning a product due to the wrong size.
  • Review their return policy. Now, in case you purchased a plaid shirt that’s bigger than your toddler, you can either wait for her to grow or you can return it to Amazon. Amazon has a return policy that’s quite easy to follow, check it out here.