25 Best Men’s Flannel Shirts You Can Buy Right Now

Flannel doesn’t discriminate even though people always assume that flannel is plaid (which we’ve helped clear the air about it on the article: Flannel vs. Plaid, what’s the difference?). So, whether you’re a guy or a gal, whether you belong to the Baby Boomer generation or to Generation Z, you will find so many ways to love your flannel shirt. To help out our male fanbase, we’ve collected 25 best men’s flannel shirts you can buy right now!

Men, like women, don’t have very standard body types as well as sizes. There are also geographical factors that should also be considered when looking for the best flannel shirts for men.

However, this is what we think that all men should remember: the best flannel shirt should fit you as you like or suitable for your personal tastes.

Some men like their shirts to fit as if it had been tailored for them. Some men like their shirts to fit loosely to make room for mobility. Whether you’re on Team Muscle Fit shirt or Team Loosely Fit Shirt, you are sure to find the best flannel shirt for men with our flannel shirt review and shopping guide.

Best Flannel Shirts for Men

Uniqlo Men Flannel Checked Long-sleeved Shirt

For the best regular fit flannel shirt, you can always count on Uniqlo. If you haven’t been to any of their stores, let us introduce you to this wonderful Japanese company.

men flannel checked long-sleeve shirt
Uniqlo flannel checked long-sleeve shirt

Uniqlo actually began their operations in March of 1949. They were first known as Ogori Shōj. Back then, they were only producing men’s clothing. Thirty-five years later, it began production of women’s clothing as well.

Their unique name also comes with a very unique story. During the registration of their business in Hong Kong, the staff mistakenly went with UNIQLO instead of the initial UNI-CLO. Yet, this mistake proved to be one of the best mistakes that have led to what has become a truly world-renowned brand in the world of fashion.

Unfortunately, Uniqlo is not yet in Iran nor in its neighboring countries. But for our plaidlover.com followers who are from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Bangladesh,  India, Uniqlo is truly worth buying from because of their clothing quality.

This Uniqlo flannel shirtis brushed both inside and outside for the ultimate comfortable feeling. It has the classic buffalo checkered plaid flannel which would be great for any style. Whether you’re totally going casual or a little more dressed up with a blazer, the Uniqlo flannel shirt will not fail to impress.

Buy Uniqlo Flannel if:

  • You’re looking for a lightweight but warm flannel.
  • You’re looking for flannel for rainy days.
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp

When it comes to outdoor flannel, you can count on Legendary Whitetails.

Legendary Whitetails cater to people who have a mad passion for hunting. For the creators, they believe that it is imperative to supply anyone who loves the game of hunting the most appropriate clothing even when they’re not doing the sport.

buck camp flannel shirt
Mens buck camp flannel

Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel comes in twelve colors, all of which are made from high-quality flannel guaranteed to make you feel warm for winter or even on just colder of days. It is made from 100% brushed cotton flannel guaranteed to give its wearers the best comfort. It also has adjustable cuffs which is a feature that an outdoorsman is sure to love.

If you’re looking for a practical gift for your husband or your father, going to Legendary Whitetails is a great option because of the quality that they promise.

Buy Legendary Whitetails if:

  • You’re looking for a more heavyweight flannel.
  • You like going outdoors and doing hobbies such as hunting in areas where there’s a lower temperature.
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pendleton Flannel Shirts

For a more luxurious flannel, you can buy from Pendleton, for their authenticity and trueness to form.

mens fitted board flannel shirt
Mens fitted board shirt

Pendleton embeds passion and quality in all of the pieces that they make. Most of their designs are inspired by Native American and legends. Their shirts are soft and lightweight, and luxurious to the touch. Why is this? Because Pendleton Flannel Shirts are made from 100% pure virgin wool that is produced from their Northwest Mills. They are also a proud supporter of the  Indian Arts and Crafts Act which helps protect the legacy and ingenuity of the Native American design.

Pendleton Flannel shirts are also tailored for different types of fit. For example, they offer Pendleton’s Men’s Board Shirt which is more of the regular fit, so to speak. Pendleton also has Men’s Fitted Board Shirt and the Big Board Shirt. All of these are flannel shirts woven from 100% pure virgin wool.

Buy Pendleton Shirt if:

  • You, too, support the American Indian Legacy.
  • You like soft-fitted flannel perfect for camping.
  • Material: 100% Wool

LL Bean Flannel Shirt for Guys

LL Bean is another classic brand known for its flannel shirts. The company started in 1912 operating under the leadership of Leon Leonwood Bean. Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean believed that it’s important to keep customers satisfied and this belief is what has driven the said clothing business to grow globally. Currently, the main headquarters of LL Bean is situated in Freeport, Maine.

Scotch plaid flannel shirt
Traditional fitscotch plaid flannel shirt

LL Bean makes a whole bunch of shirts from dress shirts to flannel shirts perfect for a weekend of relaxation. LL Bean’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt is a great shirt to wear on weekends when you’re just relaxing.

LL Bean’s Men’s flannel shirts come in two different styles of fit, the traditional and the slightly fitted. We recommend the traditional fit for a more relaxed fit that’s just right for the shoulders, torso, and the arms. If you want to show off just a bit of your muscles because you’re proud of how your workouts have been amazingly working well on you, you can go with the slightly-fitted LL Bean’s men’s flannel shirt because it can wrap around all those biceps very nicely.

These Scotch plaid flannel shirts by LL Bean have patterns that align with the official patterns included in the Scottish tartan registry. Here are some of the tartan patterns which you can buy from LL Bean:

  • Buchanan
  • Dress Gordon
  • Royal Stewart Tartan
  • Grey Stewart
  • Grey Douglas
  • Blue MacKellar
  • Dress Bean of Freeport
  • MacBeth Old Colors
  • Bean of Freeport Fall
  • Black Watch Tartan

Buy LL Bean Men’s Flannel Shirts, if:

  • You’re looking for a lightweight flannel shirt.
  • You’re looking for a Scottish tartan plaid based off the official Scottish registry.
  • Material: 100% Cotton flannel woven in Portugal

Flint and Tinder

Flint and Tinder is another USA-based clothing brand that we think also makes quality flannel shirts. Originally from Texas, they have been supplying their customers with high-quality flannel shirts since the inception of their business in 2011. This brand is fairly new compared to the other brands that we have mentioned earlier, but still provides on-point quality flannel shirts for guys.

texas made flannel
Flint and tinder texas made flannel

Right now, they are exclusively being retailed by Huckberry, an online store that offers rugged and outdoor wear brands like Flint and Tinder.

One of the flannel shirts that got our attention is the very minimalist Texas-made flannel. It is mid-weight, meaning, it could withstand colder temperatures paired with a light jacket for more warmth.

Flint and Tinder Flannel shirts come in a variety of colors. In their Texas-made flannel shirt, they have the minimalist olive (which is shown in the photo), black, a plaid of a blue and gold check, as well as, a monochromatic grey check which is perfect for winter.

ultrasoft plaid flannel

For the best comfort and of course, style, Flint and Tinder have the Ultrasoft flannel shirt. Flint and Tinder’s ultrasoft flannel shirt is made from 100% soft cotton that is brushed on the inside and sheared on the outside. The outside shearing makes for the smooth exterior texture that just feels ultra comfortable. It only comes in one style, which is this plaid. But that doesn’t matter because we love plaid and flannel anyway!

flannel button down

We also love Flint and Tinder’s Flannel button down that comes in three amazing color combinations. You can buy Flint and Tinder flannel button down in grey flannel plaid, red flannel plaid, or navy flannel plaid. Flint and Tinder flannel button-down shirts are made from 100% soft Portuguese flannel. The plaid patterns may not be from the official Scottish tartan registry but they are sure the American classic plaid pattern. The chest pocket is also sewn to match the pattern on the chest seamlessly.

Buy Flint and Tinder Flannel shirt if:

  • You’re looking for ultrasoft flannel shirts
  • You’re looking for lightweight flannel shirts.
  • Material: 100% Portuguese cotton=

Woolrich Mills Plaid Flannel Shirt

A list of the best flannel shirts for men will not be made complete without Woolrich Mills flannel shirts.

Woolrich Mills has been in the business since 1820. As an immigrant from England, Mr. John Rich started his business of a woolen mill and spoke to lumber camps and farms to sell his woolen fabrics, socks, coverlets, from his mule cart! By 1850, he introduces the buffalo flannel plaid, which is a combination of red and black checks.

mens trout run plaid flannel shirt
Woolrich mens trout run plaid flannel shirt

Woolrich Mills Men’s Trout Run Plaid Flannel Shirtis made from 100% cotton. At only 4.75 oz, this Pebble-washed shirt is lightweight but has the capacity to keep you warm even at lower temperatures. Woolrich Mills’ Men’s Trout Run Plaid Flannel Shirt comes in eight different colors including the classic old red buffalo plaid that has become the classic and signature style of Woolrich Mills.

mens oxbow bend plaid flannel shirt
Woolrich mens oxbow bend plaid flannel shirt

Another great style of flannel shirt from Woolrich Mills is its Men’s Oxbow Bend Plaid Flannel Shirt, a shirt that is also made from 100% cotton. The Oxbow bend plaid flannel shirt differs from the company’s Trout Run plaid in terms of its weight. Compared to the Trout Run plaid which weighs about 4.75 ounces, Woolrich Mills Men’s Oxbow bend plaid flannel shirt weighs in at about 7 ounces and this is due to the thicker wool threads woven. The Oxbow bend plaid flannel shirt may look like your very ordinary flannel shirt, but this can be considered as a shirt jacket. With this shirt, you can do outdoor activities without adding the bulk of an additional layer of clothing material to ward off any coldness during winter time.

What makes Woolrich Mills a great source of flannel shirts is that they create quality flannel cloth from wool and cotton alike. At the end of the day, we’re always going to go after quality, anyway.

Buy Woolrich Mills flannel shirts if:

  • You’re looking for authentic and classic buffalo check
  • You’d like options for lightweight or heavyweight flannel.
  • Material: 100% Cotton or 100% Wool

AJOBYAJO Tri-Check Flannel Shirt Jacket

We have featured plain and plaid flannel shirts so far, but for an edgier look without giving away the functionality of keeping yourselves warm, we found this Tri-Check Flannel shirt jacket from AJOBYAJO. But, who is AJOBYAJO?

tri check shirt flannel jacket
Ajobyajo tri check shirt jacket

AJOBYAJO is a Japanese clothing brand that is well-loved by its Japanese consumers. You can describe this designer clothing as a complete embodiment of Japanese street style. AJOBYAJO is eclectic and modern and is amazing to be shown off to people who appreciate fashion.

This Tri-check flannel shirt jacket by AJOBYAJO is not only fashionable but is also functional. It’s made from 100% cotton and will make anybody who wears this feel warm and comfortable.

Buy AYOBYAJO Flannel Shirt Jacket, if:

  • You want to look more fashionable and edgier.
  • You like eclectic designs.
  • Material: 100% cotton

Quiksilver Flannel Shirts

Quiksilver may be a brand better known for surfer’s fashion. However, this manufacturer doesn’t only create and manufacture board shorts and swimming gears, they are also producing high-quality flannel shirts.

Let’s begin by getting to know the brand. Quiksilver was born in 1969 along with the rise of surfing as a competitive sport. The company has always strived to create clothes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s no wonder why a list about best flannel shirts for men should include flannel shirts from Quiksilver.

waterman thermo hyper flannel technical shirt
Quicksilver waterman thermo hyper flannel technical long sleeve shirt

Quiksilver has a wide variety of flannel shirts that are both functional and very fashionable. Take a look, for example, the Waterman Thermo Hyper Flannel Technical Long Sleeve Shirt. This specific flannel shirt was engineered to repel water and to always keep the wearer warm.

Engineered? Sounds so technical, am I right? But, in fact, it is! The Waterman Thermo Hyper Flannel Technical Long Sleeve shirt is equipped with the patented WarmFlight®  which is a thermal fleece lining that keeps body heat in and water out. It is also engineered with DryFlight®, which is a kind of water-repelling coating to keep you dry on rainy or snowy days. These two combined makes for a very functional shirt that is very suitable in places where there is a lot of moisture.

In terms of the fit, the Waterman Thermo Hyper Flannel Technical Long Sleeve Shirt has a classic regular fit. For the guys, this makes for a comfortable shirt that will not sacrifice mobility especially if you’re going to wear this as a kind of work shirt.

kanagawa long sleeve flannel shirt
Quicksilver kanagawa long sleeve shirt

As we said, Quiksilver has an amazing range of flannel shirts. Another notable flannel shirt that we think should be considered among the best flannel shirts is Quiksilver’s Kanagawa Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt.

The Kanagawa Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt may not be plaid, but it’s made from quality flannel so we’re including it in this list. After all, this article is all about the 25 Best Flannel Shirts, right?

This striped creation can be classified as a “heavyweight” flannel. It weighs about 175 grams per square meter. If we’re talking in actual clothing weight, this shirt can weigh as much as 6 ounces. This weight measurement is very close to the earlier flannel shirt from Woolrich Mills but at almost half the price.

waterman irish rocks flannel long sleeve shirt
Quicksilver waterman irish rocks flannel shirt

Last but definitely not the least is the ultra-minimalist Waterman Irish Rocks Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt. What can we say, as much as we love plaid, we’re also loving just how understatedly fashionable this grey Irish Rocks Flannel Long Sleeve shirt by Quiksilver.

The fabric is not just simply woven, but it is actually woven into a twill. Twill is a kind of ancient weaving technique which makes the cloth a little sturdier and reliable. This weaving technique also makes the fabric have a better wrinkling resistance as well as debris resistance. This may look like office wear, but since twill weave was used to create the fabric for this shirt, it can also serve as great work wear.

Quiksilver’s Waterman Irish Rocks Flannel Long Sleeve shirt is made from 100% pure cotton unlike the earlier Waterman Thermo Hyper Flannel Technical Long Sleeve Shirt.

Buy Quiksilver flannel shirts, if:

  • You’re looking for a technical flannel shirt that has great value for money.
  • You’re looking for modern-looking flannel shirts that are mixed with a little bit of vintage look in it.
  • Materials: 100% Cotton or a mix of polyester.

Blue Harbour Flannel Shirts by Marks & Spencer

Who wouldn’t recognize a world-renowned brand such as, Marks and Spencer? But if you don’t know them yet, let us quickly introduce you to a clothing brand that’s well-loved by almost anyone in the world.

premium pure cotton flannel thermal checked shirt
Blue harbour premium pure cotton flannel thermal checked shirt

Marks & Spencer or also known by its abbreviation M&S is a big retailer of clothing line based in London. Aside from clothing and home, they also have food and also offer banking services.

Marks & Spencer also has come up with different brands to suit everyone’s lifestyle such as Blue Harbour. Blue Harbour is recognized to be Britain’s largest men’s casual brand, with products ranging from T-shirts, shirts, and shoes that fit the British man’s casual lifestyle. That being said, Blue Harbour won’t be left behind when it comes to flannel shirts.

pure cotton long sleeve flannel shirt
blue harbour pure cotton long sleeve flannel shirt

Somewhere in Marks & Spencer’s multiple racks of clothing, you will find Blue Harbour’s Premium Pure Cotton Flannel Thermal Checked Shirt. This premium pure cotton flannel thermal checked shirt is a well-loved favorite simply for its cozy-ness and comfort levels when worn. Many of its buyers have commented just how soft and warm it feels which is a testament to the quality put into the flannel shirt. For weekends when you want to just lay back and relax, Blue Harbour also has the Pure Cotton Long Sleeve Flannel shirt for this purpose. Unlike the thermal checked shirt, this pure cotton long sleeve flannel shirt has a lighter weight and has more breathability. Since it is also made from pure cotton, you are guaranteed with comfort every time you wear it.

Buy Blue Harbour flannel shirts, if:

  • You’re looking for a comfortable flannel shirt with amazing value for money.
  •  You’re looking for lightweight flannel shirts that have a relaxed fit.
  • Material: 100% pure cotton

J. Crew Flannel shirt in Tattersall

Now that we’re talking about big retail brands, J. Crew is another retail brand that competes in the world of lightweight and quality flannel shirts.

Who is J. Crew, anyway? What does J. Crew mean?

Well, according to my research, the founder of this big player in the clothing retail industry was fond of the sport rowing. As a way to pay homage to the sport, he decided that the store should have the word “crew” in it. As for the letter “J”, well, it doesn’t stand as a name for someone in particular with the owner further stating that the letter “J” sounded well with “crew” so he just went with it. (Source)

cotton flannel shirt in tattersall
Cotton flannel shirt in tattersall

J. Crew may be considered a young player in the clothing retail industry, having only begun in 1983. Despite its youth, it was able to capture the taste of its market and we can see the amount of international growth that they have managed to establish even going as far as having markets here in the Middle East.

flannel shirt in tattersall
Tattersall flannel shirt

Capturing their market’s taste is just one of the things that J. Crew is good at, as well as creating quality clothing staples which can be seen in their J. Crew Flannel shirt in Tattersall. This flannel shirt from J. Crew is made from cotton and is just soft and comfortable to wear.

If you’re looking for out of the usual flannel shirt, J. Crew has got you, too! J. Crew also has a flannel shirt in Windowpane pattern. Buyers of this flannel shirt have rated this as a shirt with a true to size fit.

Buy J. Crew Flannel Shirts, if:

  • You want true to size fit.
  • You want regular, lightweight, and comfortable flannel shirts.
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Zara Flannel Shirt

Zara is another fashion giant in the fast fashion industry. This retail store belongs to Inditex, a group of company that also owns Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, as well as Oysho. Out of these brands, Zara is considered to be the biggest flagship stores by Inditex. Overall, the company operates in over 80 countries with over 2000 stores and counting!

It’s really not that difficult to love Zara. They have one of the most unique designs in the fast fashion industry. They also manufacture clothes that are ecologically responsible.

contrasting plaid flannel shirt
ZARA contrasting plaid flannel shirt

We love Zara’s Contrasting Plaid Flannel Shirt because of its quirkiness and fashion-forwardness. A multi plaid in one shirt? Who would have guessed that these different plaid patterns would look good together combined?

Zara’s flannel shirt is also well-loved by its buyers for the comfort and coziness every time it is worn.

What’s more, is that it has a great value for money considering that it is a fashion-forward piece with care for ecological practices.

Buy Zara Flannel Shirt, if:

  • You’re looking for a fashion-forward flannel shirt with great value for money.
  • You’re looking for a flannel shirt with a regular fit.
  • Material:  at least 50% ecologically grown cotton

Urban Outfitters Flannel Shirts

Speaking of fast fashion that’s actually fashionable, Urban Outfitters flannel shirts are also here to help you out to achieve your casual wear sartorial debut.

Urban Outfitters started out in 1976 and is considered to be a lifestyle specialty company. They do not only sell clothes, but they also have chains of restaurants to their name.

Of course, we’re talking about the best flannel shirts for men here so it’s worth mentioning that a company who is well-known for their streetwear fashion makes this list. They have a variety of flannel shirts available but what struck our interest is their Patchwork flannel shirt as well as the Striped flannel shirt.

patchwork plaid flannel shirt
urban outfitters patchwork plaid flannel shirt

Fashion truly should be considered as an outlet for someone’s creativity and uniqueness. If you want to be unique, we highly suggest the Urban Outfitters Patchwork Flannel shirt featuring a balance of three different plaid patterns and colors. It is a great mix of pink, green, blue, and monochromatic grey. Buyers consider this as a great purchase due to its out of the ordinary design as well as its amazing fit. Men do not only have a fondness for it because even women are seen wearing it. We can’t blame them for joining the men in wearing this uniquely designed piece, because it is lightweight, colorful, and great for layering.

Speaking of designs, we have learned that flannel is mostly associated with plaid, such as in the patchwork flannel shirt, but Urban Outfitters would also like to interest you in a striped flannel shirt that comes in the color green.

striped flannel button down shirt
urban outfitters striped flannel button-down shirt

This Urban Outfitters Striped flannel shirt is a great contrast to the patchwork design because of its pattern and color combination. Since this is a lightweight flannel shirt, you can wear a jacket or a coat over it when you’re going to wear it for work.

Buy Urban Outfitters flannel shirts, if:

  • You’re looking for a lightweight flannel shirt.
  • You’re looking for a fashion-forward flannel that has a great value for money.
  • Materials: Cotton

Outdoor Research Flannel Shirts

Outdoor Research is a company devoted to creating outdoor gears that are designed by adventure. They are a company whose founding story is a compelling selling point that’s worth hearing.

In 1981, the founder, scientist, and adventurer, Mr. Ron Gregg, caught himself in a high-risk situation that involved one of his friends to be teleported back to the city because of frostbite. This incident happened in the mountains of Denali, but despite having a helicopter for transport them, Ron Gregg skied down the slope which was about two weeks worth of descent to figure out what went wrong. In this descent, he decided to create an outdoor gear making company that is actually made by adventure.

Even though Mr. Ron Gregg passed away from an avalanche more than a decade ago, his legacy for passion on adventure continues to live on through Outdoor Research.

men’s feedback flannel shirt
Feedback flannel shirt by outdoor research

Such dedication and love for being outdoors are seen in Outdoor Research’s Men’s Feedback Flannel shirt. This shirt, unlike many of the ones we have mentioned in this list, is made entirely of 100% polyester. Unlike its cotton contemporary, polyester is a great material if you are going to spend an ample amount of time being outdoors. What makes polyester an ideal fabric for outdoor gear? Well, polyester has the ability to repel water, dry instantly, and still keep you warm during the wet winter season. Polyester almost works like wool, but, at a cheaper cost and at a lighter weight.

mens reversible shirt jacket
Kalaloch reversible shirt jacket

Another shirt we fell in love with from Outdoor Research is their Men’s Kalaloch Reversible Flannel Shirt Jacket. When you look at it, you may ask “Is it a shirt?” “Is it a jacket?” It’s actually both!  This flannel shirt is something that you can consider to be technical because of how well the “jacket” is incorporated. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting dressed in the dark or when you’re actually outdoors and there’s limited number of clothes that you can bring to camp. Outdoor Research Men’s Kalaloch Reversible Flannel Shirt jacket comes in two patterns, which are called juniper plaid (shown in photo) which has a more olive green dominated color and storm plaid which is dominantly blue in color.

Buy from Outdoor Research, if:

  • You’re looking for a lightweight technical shirt.
  • You’re looking for flannel shirt that will be able to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Materials: 100% Polyester

Land’s End Men’s Flagship Flannel Shirt

If you’re following Game of Thrones religiously, it might have reached your knowledge that season 8 of Game of Thrones just premiered this Sunday but this brand’s name shouldn’t be confused with the name of a location in the series/novel.

Land’s End has been making clothings since 1963. They initially started out as a mail-order yachting supply company and then grew to expand with a clothing manufacturing line of business. You know you can trust a brand when they have lasted so long in the business.

traditional fit flagship flannel shirt
traditional fit mens flagship flannel shirt

With that, we highly recommend Land’s End Men’s Flagship Flannel Shirt. Land’s End decided to call it “flagship” because they are marketing this flannel shirt as the commander in softness when it comes to flannel shirts. The secret to its softness lies in the ringspun cotton that’s been combed both sides. It is made thick enough not to let you be totally weighed down by the fabric. Land’s End sure knows how it’s important to be able to move around when wearing a flannel shirt, especially since it’s a staple wardrobe piece.

Land’s End Flagship Flannel Shirt comes in three different plaid pattern designs:  Pewter Heather Multi Plaid; Ivory/Rich Red Multi Plaid; and Wisconsin Plaid. The best part? You can have your initials or your company logo embroidered on your shirt with their personalization option. Just how awesome is that? It’s not the holidays yet, but we’re already thinking how great of a gift idea this is.

Buy Land’s End Flannel Shirts, if:

  • You want to personalize your flannel shirts
  • You want a regular fit flannel shirt that’s lightweight, comfortable, but still warm enough to get you through chilly days.
  • Material: 100% Cotton

United by Blue Flannel Shirts

Did you ever think about how cool it would be to be buying fashionable clothes but saving the planet at the same time? Wonder no more with goodies from United by Blue.

United by Blue believes that in order to become a very successful outdoor gear brand, they must be able to help out the environment as well. After all, the outdoors if what we explore. Since the beginning of their business in 2010, they have been able to remove 1,638,501 pounds of trash just through the help of purchases of their customers. They’re not only a responsible brand, they also make high quality clothing inspired by getting outdoors more.

mens flannel button-down by bridger
Mens bridger flannel button-down

The quality that we are speaking of can easily be seen through United by Blue’s Bridger Flannel Button Down shirt. This flannel shirt has been rated as the best eco-friendly shirt by Business Insider and honestly we can’t argue with that. It’s made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and spandex. These materials combined, over time, gets even softer through every wear. It comes in five different colors of plaid; green, brown, olive, red, and sienna.

The shirt is brushed on both sides to make sure that it is extra soft and extra comfortable to wear. It also has adjustable button cuffs which is great for all the times you’d like to roll up your sleeves.

The best part about buying United by Blue’s Bridger Flannel Button down shirt is that you’ll be removing 1 pound of trash for every purchase. Help, no matter how small, is always appreciated.

Buy United by Blue’s Flannel Shirts, if:

  • You want to help out the environment with every purchase of clothing.
  • You’re looking for comfortable work wear that won’t get worn down so easily.
  • Materials: Mix of Organic Cotton, Polyester and Spandex

Verdict: Who Makes the Best Flannel Shirts?

Out of the 25 different shirts that we’ve reviewed from 14 different brands, the answer to the question ‘Who makes the best flannel shirts?’ simply cannot be answered by just one brand. Each brand has their own unique take on flannel shirts that we might just as well buy from each one. If we had to pick, we would like to go with United by Blue on the basis that we’ll be able to help out the environment with every purchase.

Thanks to the internet where to find the best flannel shirts is just a click away. Just type in on your favorite google search bar and you’ll find thousands of results but to help you trim down, we do hope that this buyer’s guide on buying the best flannel shirt has helped you find the best flannel shirt for you. Until next time!