Answering one of the main questions of what makes flannel shirts such an amazing fashion item and some fashionable flannel shirts outfits to keep you warm this cold weather season.
Ah! The warm flannel shirt, one of clothing’s most flexible and most fashionable item in the world of fashion. Aside from its aesthetic versatility, the flannel shirt also serves quite a function, especially during the winter season but, the question is, how?

Why is flannel warm and How does a flannel shirt keep you warm?

Flannel shirts are made by interweaving threads made from cotton or wool. You will see the interweaving pattern better through a plaid flannel shirt or plaid flannel fabric. In one of its earlier uses, the flannel kilts worn by Scottish folk were made by the interweaving of wool threads. The fabric that they use for their kilts were thick and kept them warm during the cold weather.
That being said, the question ‘Do flannel shirts keep you warm?’ is then, answerable by a big YES. This functionality of keeping flannel shirts wearers warm is all thanks to the process of how the flannel fabric is produced and of course, its source which is wool and cotton.

Let’s dive deeper into the science behind what makes flannel a warm fabric.

Wool and cotton both have a very low thermal conductivity, which means they transfer heat super slowly. That is why flannel shirts are often woven thick even though. Thin flannel shirts are available too for early spring and fall. Wool also contains air pockets between its fibers, and as you guessed it, air is not a good conductor of heat neither. So if you are buying a wool flannel shirt for this fall or winter, don’t hesitate!

Are flannel and plaid shirts the same?

Let’s do a little review, shall we? In one of our articles, we found out the difference between a plaid flannel. When you google “flannel shirts” almost all of the results are “plaid,” so let’s set this right. Again, flannel is a soft fabric that is often made of wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. Plaid flannel shirts are so favorite but not all flannel shirts are plaid.
You can find shirts, hoodies, jackets, skirts, dresses, towels and even socks made out of flannel. Flannel is a dominating fabric that is used in a wide variety of clothes. Men, women, and kid’s flannel clothes can be found easily. You can even go on Amazon’s search bar, type in flannel, and it will give you more than 10,000 results!
But flannel plaid shirts are the most popular designs in the market. However, you can also find solid, dotted or striped flannel and add them to your wardrobe.
Now that the temperature has dropped and the cold weather season is here it’s time for us, Plaid Lovers, to declare that it is officially the flannel season! Hooray! What better way to celebrate the flannel season than to show off flannel outfit ideas perfect for men and women!

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Winter flannel shirt options

The flannel shirt is more popular during the fall, but you can give it a try in the snow season as well. If you are looking for shirts that keep you warm during winter, there are so many options to try on. Insulated or hooded flannels looks are the best and the fall/winter 2018 designer fashion shows have spoken about it. You can find both options in one and have fun with it. Insulated flannel shirts or jackets are often fleece lined and made from wool. There is a poly-liner cover inside of these jackets which is black or blue and shiny in most cases. Hooded flannel shirts or jackets are for those who want their head to be warm all the time. Hoodies are so stylish which is excellent for those who were looking for stylish and practical together. Red, black and blue are the dominating colors for this piece. Sometimes hoodies include chest pockets as well as hand pockets. Usually, chest pockets are not practical which means you can’t use them.Try wearing plaid flannel hoodies with white T-shirts and black pants. You can try solid flannel hoodies with jeans and sneakers as well. For example, red solid flannel hoodie with black jeans and white sneakers is a great choice.

Hooded flannel shirts or jackets are for those who want their head to be warm all the time

If it’s so cold and flannel shirts or hoodies are not enough to keep you warm, why not try to layer it under a jacket. Just make sure that your outfit is not too busy because flannel shirts are often plaid and busy with regards to its patterns. Try a Bomber or moto leather jackets over your red plaid flannel shirt and even red boots to stand out during the cold days of winter.

Final Thought

Since we’re bringing out our flannels out, why not check out our post on how to care for plaid flannel shirts. Be a Light bringer, share our website with another plaid lover to get updates on style, trivia, and care guides for your favorite flannel shirts. If you like this article, share it with another plaid lover!