Best Flannel Shirts for your Cute Dog

Whenever we think about our dogs, we always see them as more than just a dog or a pet. I’m a dog-mom and I know that the feeling of caring for a dog is like caring for your own family as well. After all, they’re called, “man’s best friend”, right? Why not give your puppers or doggos the best flannel shirts for your cute dog!

I honestly love dressing up. When I was growing up, my mother would put my sister and me in matching dresses because it looked cool. She would make fashion-forward decisions for us to make sure that we’re always cute and trendy. I told myself that when I have children of my own, I will also make sure that they will be the coolest children in school or in any social event. I may not have my very own children yet, but I treat my Oreo (I named my dog after my favorite cookie and his coat is actually just black and white) the same way. Since he’s a big boofer, I can get him any of the best flannel shirts for dogs that I found in the magical world called the internet.

The Best Flannel Shirts for Dogs That they Will Surely Rock!

Plaid Flannel Dog Shirt by Puppy Prezzies

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Let’s begin this list with none other than the reason why this website exists… plaid. For obvious reasons, I think that all dogs would look cute in this red plaid flannel dog shirt from Puppy Prezzies which I found on Etsy.

Puppy Prezzies is lead by two women who believe that life is too short not to spoil your beloved dog. If you think of the same thing, then this is the shop for you. Puppy prezzies will make your furry baby look cool in this plaid flannel dog shirt. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at their snazzy Instagram account. Who says dog clothes should be boring?

Button Down Flannel with Matching PJ Pants by Woof Out West

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Flannel has got to be one of the most comfortable fabrics ever made. It’s not like cashmere that’s too expensive to buy, but it’s got the comfort just the same. If you love your flannel jammies, your dog is obviously going to enjoy the same! If you check out this cute button down flannel shirt for a dog from Woof Out West, you might just wanna match with your fur baby and why not? It even has matching PJ pants!

This California-based pet clothing supply company aims to share the feeling of living in their beautiful place (California) to their very own customers. Woof Out West is definitely achieving their company’s goals by using only the best kind of material for their customers who are none other than your very own furry babies. I believe that we can trust Woof Out West to provide their customers with only the best flannel shirts for pets big or small.

Flannel Dog Shirts by Dog Threads

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buffalo plaid for dogs

If most of the doggie clothing companies are limited to just one design for their flannel shirt, believe me when I tell you that Dog Threads decides to one-up this game by offering, not just one but eight different flannel shirts designs. In their current Preppy Pup collection, they have Great Plains flannel (which is Dog Threads’ best seller flannel shirt for dogs),  Northern Pines flannel, Mountaineer flannel, Collegiate flannel, Fireside flannel, Frontiersman flannel, and Commuter flannel.

Let’s talk about one of Dog Threads’ best-selling flannel shirt, the Great Plains flannel. This buffalo plaid for dogs is perfect for your fur baby whether they’re tiny teacup chihuahua or a great dane. With Dog Threads, you won’t have to worry at all about sizes because they have pretty much accounted for every dog size. 

plaid shirt for dog

Dog Threads flannel shirt sizes range from extra small for puppers with a size of 12 inches to 16 inches around the chest to XXL for the big boofers with chest sizes ranging from 34 inches to 44 inches.

Another best-seller from Dog Threads is their Northern Pines flannel shirts. I know we’re still very far from December, but when I take a look at the Northern Pines flannel shirt by Dog Threads, it just makes me think of cozying up to a fireplace, hot cocoa in hand, and having the best and comforting Christmas eve with my family and of course, my fur baby.

Northern Pines by Dog Threads is a flannel shirt in plaid that has the beautiful Christmas colors. It’s well-loved by Dog Threads’ customers, in fact, it’s gotten such amazing reviews! One review even stated that it amazingly fits their stocky pitbull very well.

happy dogs with plaid shirt

If you’re that pet parent who would like to match clothes with their fur babies, you can order your flannel shirts from Dog Threads too! There are three flannel shirts you can order from Dog Threads to match with your fur babies from their matching outfit collection, there is Dog Threads’ best-selling flannel shirt in Great Plains flannel shirt, Commuter flannel shirt, and the Fireside flannel shirt. These matching outfits are just a showcase of the company’s dedication as well as their company history.

Dog Threads is a family-owned company that creates flannel shirts for your dogs with the same quality as you would for you as a pawrent. Dog Threads is based in Minneapolis and are focused on great quality and print. What’s more, is that they are donating portions of their profit to shelters to ensure that all fur babies big or small get taken care of in shelters where they stay.

Zack & Zoey Flannel Shirt for Dogs

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plaid hoody for dogs

Amazon is a great resource for anyone who is looking for flannel shirts. I actually wrote about how Amazon is a reliable shop for your toddlers in 10 Cute Plaid Shirts for Toddler You can Buy on Amazon. True enough, I found Zack & Zoey’s shop on Amazon and they have a cute flannel shirt for your dog too!

Now, most of the flannel shirts I have featured in this article focused only on just one piece of shirt. Zack & Zoey’s blue flannel shirt is actually layered on top of a hoodie and has long sleeves. It is made from cotton as well as polyester, which are combined for even greater comfort for your fur baby whether it’s rainy outside or just a little windy.

The cute little hoodie gives off a very chill and rugged appearance that I am very sure your cute little fur baby can pull off excellently.

Zack & Zoey’s flannel shirt in medium size fits dogs that are about 12 to 16 inches in length, with neck size ranging from 12 to 14 inches and chests measuring from 16 to 20 inches.

Red Flannel Dog Shirt by Icon Dogwear

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classic plaid for your dog

The feeling of wanting your fur babies to look snazzy when taking a walk outside is a feeling that resonates with most fur parents and Icon Dogwear knows this feeling very well, that’s why they’re all about style and individuality.

You might not be able to find the red flannel dog shirt on Icon Dogwear’s website right now because it’s been sold out. I honestly see no reason why it shouldn’t be sold out. It looks so stylish and comfortable that even I would like to at least be able to wear this. 

Sadly, unlike Dog Threads, Icon Dog wear hasn’t found a way for me to match with my Oreo if he wears this red flannel dog shirt.

Icon Dogwear was founded in 2016 and is a pet fashion brand that is very much committed to dressing up your fur babies with great designs and quality. The company dreams to build a community of dog lovers that connects every one wherever they may be in the world through fashion. If you love your dog, do check out Icon Dogwear for their iconic and stylish red flannel dog shirt and more.

Dressing up your fur baby with flannel shirts for dogs is of course one of the most memorable experience a plaid lover fur parent may have. So, take the time to choose among these brands of flannel dog shirts and show off your fur baby’s photos looking comfortable in their flannel dog shirts on your social media platforms. Who wouldn’t like to see a little Pomeranian in some buffalo plaid flannel dog shirt or a french bulldog in gingham check plaid flannel dog shirt? You can even use these photos as your Christmas family card this coming holidays!

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