Flannel Mix-and-Match: 11 Cute Flannel Outfit Ideas for 2019

Flannel just spells warm and cozy, which makes it the perfect closet item to have during the fall or winter season (or even during summer!). It’s a very basic and staple item for both men and women alike. I’ve seen this trend on the runway and on the street… even hipsters got on this trend! Seeing this as a closet staple meant that it would need a little variation and some upgrades from time to time. As a plaid and flannel addict, I curated some of the looks you can do with flannel. Here are some of the best flannel outfits this winter season that you can wear to school or at work.

#1 Layered Flannel with a Leather Jacket

Nothing says baddie like a leather jacket. Combining the comfy look of the plaid-designed flannel with the edgy leather jacket can make for a very trendy and fashionable choice.

for the upcoming winter, get even warmer without sacrificing style by layering your favorite flannel shirt with a leather jacket.

women flannel shirt and leather jacket
Source: pinterest.com
women flannel leather jacket
Source: pinterest.com

#2 Become your School’s Fashionista with a pair of Leggings and your Flannel Plaid Skirt

This look is classic and a look that will never (EVER!) go out of style. I say that all women should have this in their wardrobe. Not only is this cute, but it’s also very comfy and functional in keeping you warm this winter season.

women's legging with plaid skirt
Source: pinterest.com

#3 Matching Plaid Blazer and Plaid Pants

If you’re working in an office, a well-fitting blazer with its matching pants is a staple. Whether it’s a chill day or if you’re doing a presentation to the upper management, the matching blazer and pants are very trendy on its own. What more if you included the plaid and the flannel material in your daily office look. Blazers and pants can be very boring, but with an eye-catching red, white, with a navy plaid suit or a toned-down grey, you can turn your office into your very own runway

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women plaid blazer with plaid pants
Source: pinterest.com

#4 Jumping on the Jumpsuit Trend in Plaid!

The jumpsuit can be a little tricky to wear. A full-length jumpsuit can make you look like a big baby! As a trendy female, you can work this look by layering together a plaid jumpsuit with surplice V-neckline and a turtleneck.

This outfit can go from a happy weekend chill day at the park to favorite go-to office work-wear. I know I’ve jumped on the plaid flannel jumpsuit trend.

plaid jumpsuit
Source: pinterest.com

#5 No Uptight Vibes with a Plaid Flannel Shirt

A pencil-cut skirt can seem so business-y, you know what I mean? But with newer movements in fashion and its ever-changing style, the pencil-cut skirt can be upgraded to look less business-y and more relaxed and casual with a plaid flannel shirt.

Besides, the plaid flannel shirt and jeans/skinny jeans/leggings pairing is far too common. If you’re looking to look unique, we highly suggest pairing the plaid flannel with a skirt.

pencil-cut skirt with flannel plaid shirt
Source: pinterest.com

#6 School Baddie with the Flannel Shirt Tied Around the Waist

I’ve seen this trend with a lot of young women and thought to myself, “Man, that’s very trendy” So, being the adventurous fashionista, I tried it for myself. I was not wrong. I looked street-chic with the plaid flannel shirt tied around my waist. I like mixing up my girly-style with a more boyish approach and doing this simple thing helped me achieve the look that I was going for.

flannel plaid shirt around waist
Source: pinterest.com

#7 Knee-high Boots and an (overly) Over sized Shirt in Plaid

I love my boyfriend, and I love all of his shirts. One of my favorite items in his closet is his plaid flannel shirts. They smell like him (which I very much love and adore) and these shirts look big enough for me to look cute in it with knee-high boots and shorts underneath. It gives off the lazy look but with an effort. Put this in your street style cheat sheet it will be an Instagrammable look that will get many favorites. Just go ahead and try!

Kylie Jenner does this, so why not you and me?

over-sized flannel plaid shirt with knee-high boots
Source: pinterest.com

#8 Plaid Flannel Shirt and Gold Chain Necklace

Who says you can’t embellish when you’re wearing a plaid flannel shirt? You can! Just take a look at this blogger, right here:

Seeing how he made use of gold to brighten up his otherwise simple plaid outfit made all the difference to make him look even more stylish. The gold chain he’s wearing around his neck served as the main focal point of this get up to bring together his overall look.

Simple: Plaid flannel shirt, skinny jeans. Trendy: Gold chain and other gold accessories.

This look can also make you look cool for summer. Do you now see the versatility of the plaid flannel shirt?

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chain necklace with flannel plaid shirt
Source: pinterest.com

#9 What about a plaid flannel dress?

I’m a self-confessed dressy lady. To most ladies, it’s already their “dressed up” look, but for me, if I wear a dress, it means I’m being lazy. I manage not to look like I’m all stressed from work or other life matters thanks to a pretty dress. I love the confidence it gives me just like how make-up does it.

The red and black combination on this plaid flannel dress looks perfect for winter. It’s comfy, trendy, and simple–the true definition of how we should style during fall or winter.

long plaid dress
Source: pinterest.com

#10 Flannel with other Textures

The texture is one of the many ways to uplift a rather boring combination. You wouldn’t think of combining plaid printed flannels with ruffles, yes? I bet you didn’t this combination could work, but it can!

plaid flannels with ruffles
Source: pinterest.com

I swear, ruffles can make anything look Victorian-dainty. This rustic top from Kate Spade is a perfect example of how the plaid printed flannel shirt can look with some ruffles. What I love about this top is its monochrome colors in black and white, without giving away the sense of being stylish thanks to the not overly done ruffles around the chest and neck area.

#11 Plaid Flannel Poncho

What is a list about plaid and flannel without an entry from Burberry? Since we’re also talking about winter outfits, we can’t afford to miss the poncho, right?

The poncho is an accessory that serves its function in keeping you warm. This functional accessory doesn’t have to be boring, and it can even be the focal point of your whole outfit.

This winter season, why not add a plaid printed poncho to your wardrobe as another winter staple.

women plaid flannel poncho
Source: pinterest.com

Final Words

We love plaid! (Isn’t it obvious how much we love plaid?) Having a piece or two (or even three) can save you from days of wearing otherwise boring plain shirts and pants. Thanks to the plaid and the warm material of flannel, you can add some color to your daily flannel outfits without having to worry about keeping yourself warm.

Whether you’re wearing your favorite flannel with black leggings or being a grunge-hipster with a vintage shirt and having your flannel tied around your waist or wanting to look just simple and cool in a plaid flannel dress, the number of outfits that you can very well mix and match with this print and material is endless!

The street and high-fashion presence of the plaid flannel shirt will remain because it’s simple, comfy, and trendy. It’s uncomplicated yet fashionable… The true definition of a classically stylish outfit.