What to Wear with Plaid Pants

I personally believe that there isn’t too much plaid in an outfit. From plaid jackets to kilts, I personally would wear plaid from head-to-toe kind of like Cher from Clueless (in her iconic yellow tartan plaid cardigan with matching yellow tartan mini skirt). To make our point more valid, we are inviting you to our list of what to wear with plaid pants. Because there really is not a thing as “too much plaid”.

What Shirt to Wear With Plaid Pants

These days, many people are following a minimalist lifestyle. I cannot blame them, to be honest since having a minimalist lifestyle is way too easy to maintain. However, having a minimalist lifestyle shouldn’t make your wardrobe too monotonous.

If you’re a real plaid lover by heart, you don’t have to throw away your plaid pants. Here are some basic shirts to wear with plaid pants that will make you anything but monotonous:

Plain White Shirt

Having a plain white shirt is a definite staple in everybody’s wardrobe. It may be a little difficult to find that perfect plain white shirt with a vast number of choices. The best ones to have in your wardrobe is definitely ones that have almost like a tailored fit. Some examples that you can look for are:

Starting our list of cool shirts to wear with plaid pants is the classic button-down. Pairing this white shirt with plaid pants is business yet fashionable. It gives off the look that’s perfect even when you’re presenting to higher-ups in the office.

Whether it’s loose or tailored-fit, and whether the season is summer, spring, winter or fall, the plain white shirt and plaid combination will never go out of style.


Let us look, for example, another famous celebrity known for playing Sansa Stark in the hit TV series, Game of Thrones. She has photographed wearing an almost see-through black turtleneck and then casually paired it off with a casual fit plaid trousers and white sneakers.

Sophie Turner in Black Turtleneck and Plaid Pants

A look so youthful and relaxed, it fits the young queen of Westeros.

Off-the-Shoulder Shirt

For anyone who ever thought that the plaid pants could only be a winter staple is definitely wrong. Thanks to the comeback of the off-the-shoulder look, you can wear your favorite high-waisted plaid pants even in the heat of the summer.

These days, blogger would even wear matching tops and bottoms. This pair of matching outfits in black and white gingham is perfect for an afternoon party at the park or a lovely day at the beach. You will never be out of fashion if you are wearing anything plaid.

Ruched Blouses

Believe when you hear it from here that the ruched tops will be all the rage this coming 2019. This top has slowly seeped through the fashion racks since last year but has only become more and more noticeable.

The style, which is a return from the 80s prom dresses that your mom would have worn in her prom night.

This ruched shirt from Aeropostale is paired with a black and white glen plaid, a guaranteed hit once the school comes back from winter break.

Graphic Shirts

Some people attribute the rise in popularity of the plaid pattern all because of rock music icons, such as Nirvana. Since then, the print-on-print combination of a graphic shirt and anything plaid has become a hit among rock music followers.

These days, celebrities and bloggers rock this combination of graphic print shirt and plaid pants when they are out. Wearing a print on print combination breaks away from the ordinary. It’s almost seen as rebellious!

Graphic Shirt and Windowpane Pants

Blogger and stylist, Jeanette Johnson, can be seen wearing a black graphic shirt printed with a colorful watercolor illustration and pairing it with windowpane pants. She styled it in such a rebellious way, yet so chic at the same time thanks to her yellow pointed pumps.

Band Tee and Plaid Pants

Is there anything cooler than sporting your favorite rock band’s shirt and owning it! Aside from this being, a style hit among celebrities, fashion bloggers, and street style fashionistas, the band shirt, and plaid pants are definitely an unforgettable combination on stylish people can rock.

Polo Shirt

One of the best styles of prep fashion is wearing the polo shirt. People pair it with jeans, skirt, and khaki pants. What not a lot of people would consider as a combination is the polo shirt and plaid pants. Ever considered taking fashion risks as a resolution for the New Year? It is 2019 and I think it’s time we all invested some consideration to take fashion risks.

Knitted Shirt

Christmas and the New Year holidays may have passed but the winter cold winds haven’t yet. Wearing knitted shirts are always in fashion whenever the cooler temperatures abound and what better way than to pair it with another winter staple, the plaid pants.

How to Wear Plaid Pants

The beauty with plaid pants is that you can wear it with anything and in any way! It will not matter because it’s always in how you will choose to carry the style. Suffice it to say, wearing plaid pants is very easy but styling should not be any more difficult:

Cuffed Plaid Pants

Sometimes all your pants need for some stylin’ is to have it cuffed. Wearing cuffed plaid pants make it look a little more tailored and formal.

I’m thinking of wearing this Theory’s York Plaid Cuffed Crop Pants together with a tight-fitting black turtleneck top and some mules. It’s formal, yet still provides comfort and style. This pair of windowpane plaid pants comes in maroon color with some yellow-orange streaks and can go very well with some neutrals.

Sea Plaid Cuffed Wide-Leg Pants, $ 200, Nordstrom

For anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of being restricted by any garments, wide-leg pants could do the trick. This pair from Sea doesn’t only look comfortable but also bears a touch of formality as well with its cuffed ends and belt hoops. A pair of plaid pants that can go from the board meeting to the dance floor count me in!

Cigarette Trousers Plaid Pants

Cigarette trousers are cut a little tight. This is great for people of different sizes and shapes. What makes this cut a remarkable choice is its ability to accentuate the silhouette of the wearer. Since it’s also cut a little above the ankles, it provides the appearance of elongated legs.

Many designers carry the cigarette cut, mainly because of how popular choice it is to ladies whether for casual or for office wear.

Burberry Tartan Cigarette Trouser Pants, Neiman Marcus

This pair of Burberry Tartan Cigarette Trouser pants, when paired with pointed heel pumps, could really make up for an upgraded look in the wardrobe.

Grey Plaid Retro Cigarette Trouser with Suspender, Yoyomelody

If you’re looking for a different twist to your plaid trousers, you can opt to use a suspender instead of your usual belts. Pairing this pair of cigarette trousers with a suspender increases the interest in the plaid pants. Aside from it being a plaid, of course, the suspender increases interest to the whole look. You can pair this with a plain white button-down for a formal look or with a graphic tee for a more casual and relaxed vibe.

High Waisted Black and White Plaid Pants

The holidays and the festivities just finished and you might still have some of the holiday bulge hanging around somewhere. If you’re planning to hide it, we’ve got the best solution for that! The high-waisted pants! To further draw the attention away from the bulge, you can choose to look for a flattering pattern such as a black and white plaid. Aside from its color combination, the plaid can actually hide the unflattering bulges!

Black and White Gingham Pants

Plaids do not consist of only the tartan pattern that is usually associated with it, it consists of many other patterns such as ginghams. Ginghams are often also mistaken for the checkered pattern but, if you take a look at the patterns, they look so different.

This high waisted black and white gingham is perfect for anyone who is thinking of sporting the black and white plaid look. Its ends are right above the ankles of the wearer, which looks perfect on anyone. You can pair this with white sneakers, mules or even the black slipper platforms that the model is wearing.

Black and White High Waist Plaid Self Belt Peg Pants

If you’re feeling a little more dainty, adding a ribbon might help not only for aesthetics but to actually tie your pants is the beauty of form and function.

Black and White High Waist Gingham Pants

We’re really feeling the vintage vibe with the black and white high waisted gingham pants. Seen on the model being paired off with a black bikini with a ribbon and statement glasses that spells classic 70s! We’re completely here for the vintage look!

How to Wear Checkered and Tartan Pants

Let’s get to the specifics! How does one even wear checkered and tartan pants without looking like a schoolgirl? The answer lies in the wise use of mixing and matching shoes and accessories!


Pairing your favorite checkered or tartan pants with sandals is the current mod today. You’ll see this look on celebrities and bloggers alike. The best choices for sandals are ones that expose the toes with a little chunky block heel. Strappy sandals would also work when paired with checkered or tartan pants.

Open-toe Espadrilles

Open-toe espadrilles work best with a gingham patterned-pants, a certain type of checkered. It gives off the vibe of a summery day in Mallorca, Espana! If you’re not living near the beach, wearing a pair of espadrilles to walk in when you’re doing errands is highly recommendable! After all, this type of shoes is very comfortable and very easy to walk in. Who says you cannot be fashionable while doing errands?


These days, mules will go about with just anything! This pair of shoes is oddly making a comeback from its Napoleon Bonaparte days. I can’t blame the fashion world though, mules actually look great with anything you pair it with and for anyone who decides to wear mules. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, mules are great to pair with any kind of plaid pants.

Fanny Pack

One of the weirdest fashion comebacks we saw in 2018 was the return of the fanny packs. This fashion accessory serves a lot of function, like, storing snacks for when you’re strolling around. Hey! Do not laugh at my example! This is actually one of the main reasons why it came back to the scene: The utilitarianism of this fashion accessory or, in simple terms, the many functions that the fanny pack can do.

Leather Jacket

A list of how to wear checkered and tartan pants will not be complete without the pairing of these stylish pants, with an equally stylish clothing article–the leather jacket.

Putting on a leather jacket just instantly changes your look from soft to a rebel rock god or goddess. Whatever this fashion article is paired with, it’s sure to elevate the whole look from one dimension to another.

Whether you’re still trying to experiment on your overall style, plaid will always be around to help you out with the different looks that you would like to go for. Dainty, laidback, or rebelliously cool, there is a pair of plaid pants to help you in achieving the look that you’re going for.

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