New Toddler Boy Plaid Shirt Outfits

In our previous posts, we have talked about 10 Cute Plaid Shirts for Toddler Girls You Can Buy on Amazon. Since we are a very generous blog about all things plaid, we also gave you the best internet resources for flannel dog shirts, so, without further ado, I’m going to share with you the cutest, the freshest, and the newest toddler boy plaid shirt outfits that the internet has to offer.

Plaid shirts are definitely a staple in anyone’s closet. If you take a look at your very own closet, we’re sure you’ve got at least one article of clothing that is plaid, because it is universal. You can show this print to anyone and surely they will mention having owned at least one plaid shirt over the course of their lifetime.

Speaking of life, it is helpful to remember that great habits are often instilled while your children are young, so, why not start your baby boy’s love and madness for plaid while they’re still very young?

Let Your Baby Boy Stand Out with these New Toddler Boy Plaid Shirt Outfits

Gymboree Plaid Shirts for Toddler Boys

Gymboree is one of the best clothing brands for toddler boys. The company has been providing its customers with stylish clothing for more than forty years. That’s a pretty long time for a clothing brand for toddler boys! Since they have been in the business for more than forty years, you can definitely go to Gymboree for your toddler’s supply of fashionable plaid shirts.

Among their best-selling plaid shirts for boys is this long sleeve casual woven shirt. (View on Amazon) It is made from 100% cotton so your baby boy will be comfortable all day even if it is a long-sleeved shirt. It is also designed to be a “pull on style” so that mommies won’t have difficulties dressing up their baby boys for a family affair, a photoshoot or a school presentation.

Gymboree also made it easier for mothers and of course its wearers alike, to choose between the plaid shirts for toddlers that they have on offer. Gymboree does not only create long sleeve button down plaid shirts, the company also makes short sleeves in plaid.

This short-sleeved plaid shirt for toddler boys is predominantly in white but also mixes the colors black, grey, and red, all of which are very easy to mix and match with any trouser or shorts and shoes available in your toddler’s closet.

Gymboree plaid shirts for toddler boys have sizes that range from XXS to 3T. Having been in this business for four decades, you can rest assured that you will be getting quality clothing for your toddler boys as well as shirts that will make them stand out anywhere they go.

Carter’s Plaid Shirts for Toddlers

Practical mothers know a deal when they see one and with Carter’s the practical mom doesn’t only show off her finance-savvy prowess, but also shows just how she knows how to style her child with Carter’s.

Carter’s has been making children’s clothing since its inception in 1865… That’s more than 15 decades of beautiful clothes for children. Despite their senior tenure in this line of business, the brand continues to lead with its style and variety of creations. In fact, it was discovered through studies that there are at least 10 Carter’s products available in an American household.

Like we said, Carter’s will help you make fashionable and practical choices. Take a look at this plaid outfit playwear for toddlers by Carter’s (View on Amazon). It is a top and bottom pair that retails at less than $20.00 each, which if you are a practical mom, you would definitely consider it a steal! Because of their established years in the business, Carter’s will definitely be a brand that mothers can rely on especially if they are looking for great plaid outfit pieces for their toddler boys (and even girls!)

You can always count on Carter’s to get the right measurements of your toddler boys, in fact, their size ranges even outside the toddler age in order to give all the children of different ages and sizes all the clothes that will truly make them stand out.

Osh Kosh B’ Gosh Plaid Shirts and Outfits for Toddler Boys

Is anybody here looking for Madras plaid shirt for toddler boys? If you are, lucky you because Osh Kosh B’Gosh has definitely got something for you right up their sleeve! (View on Osh Kosh B’ Gosh)

But before we even gush about this beautiful Madras shirt from Osh Kosh B’Gosh, let’s try to recall what the Madras plaid print according to our previous article: The Different Types of Plaid Pattern Names. Madras, as what we have discovered is rooted on the old name of the Indian place called Chennai. This specific plaid pattern usually appears in brighter colors compared to the usual plaid pattern that’s often popular to the Western region. Madras is a great reminder of a sunny afternoon during summertime, a hot day lounging at the beach complete with a cold fruity beverage in hand.

The Madras plaid shirt for toddlers from Osh Kosh B’Gosh is predominantly colored with light red and light blue. I would suggest pairing this with a cotton khaki shorts and walking sandals to ensure your child’s complete comfort as he goes about his day playing, and discovering, and experimenting on whatever his developing mind is completely curious about.

If your toddler doesn’t fancy wearing a short-sleeved plaid with Madras print, you can always look for a long-sleeved plaid shirt for toddlers from Osh Kosh B’ Gosh.  (View on Osh Kosh B’ Gosh)

You can pair this with a dark pair of trouser to match the dark-clored streaks that stands out in this particular plaid pattern. 

With Osh Kosh B’Gosh your child can definitely be free to run around, explore, and discover the big world around him as much as he can thanks to the comfort that Osh Kosh B’ Gosh always brings in every article of clothing for your toddler boys.

Burberry Shirt for Toddler Boys

For mothers who don’t mind dressing up their children with signature brands that retail more than a couple of hundred dollars, Burberry is a brand name that is a great place to start for this purpose.

Burberry is almost synonymous to the word plaid, why? Because it is the company’s trademark and it is this print that makes Burberry who it is.

In the fashion scene, Burberry is more known to create dazzling designs for adults. But now, it is also making a name in the world of kids’ clothing with its creations to make your children your complete mini versions of you. (View on Childsplay Clothing)

In order to complete this plaid outfit for toddler boys from Burberry, here’s a pair of very cute chinos also from Burberry. (View on Childsplay Clothing).

I hope that when you dress up your toddler in this outfit your kid will be ready to get so much attention. Pretty sure they’ll end up on Burberry’s page if they wear this outfit for a day!

Vineyard Vines Plaid Shirt for Toddler Boys

For a wider selection of plaid shirts for toddler boys, we can check out the ones from Vineyard Vines.

Vineyard Vines was started by a group of people who were tired of being behind their desk jobs so in 1998, they stepped out of it all and started what is now known a family-friendly clothing brand. Trademarked by their blue whale logo, the brand has become the official brand of Kentucky Derby.

For families that love to match outfits together, Vineyard Vines is a treat! But for this article, we’re focusing on the plaid shirts for toddler boys that they have.

Vineyard Vines Boys Morgan Way Plaid Flannel Whale Shirt (View on Vineyard Vines), is a plaid shirt that’s also a flannel! How can it be two things at once? Well, let’s recall that plaid is pattern and flannel is a material and we’ve discussed about it in our article Flannel vs Plaid, What’s the Difference?.

The Morgan Way Plaid is a break away from the usual dark colored flannel shirts. Sure, flannel shirts are often worn by rockstars or by lumberjacks but this version by Vineyard Vines comes in such a memorable and light color, I’m pretty sure your toddler boys will be asking you if they could wear this any time they could.

What reviewers loved about this product is how soft the flannel fabric is and how it does not cause any itchy feeling for their toddler boys. This is important because boys at the toddler age are not really the most patient especially when it comes to clothing. I even have a cousin of mine who, during his toddler years will refuse to wear any shirt that had its tag on and he even cries about it. So, for mothers looking for comfortable flannel for their children, Vineyard Vines might be a good place to start.

Like we said, Vineyard Vines has a wide offering of plaid shirts for toddler boys and among which is this Boys Atala Tattersall Tartan Whale Shirt (View on Vineyard Vines) Combining the soft colors of light turquoise, light pink, sky blue and enclosed by white buttons, this tattersall plaid shirt just spells a great afternoon by the beach taking lovely family pictures. 

Vineyard Vines is the perfect place to go to when you’re looking for plaid shirts for toddler boys that are mostly blue in color. They stay true to what inspired them the most… The sea. The dominant colors are perfect anyway since blues are usually associated with the playful spirit of toddler boys.

We hope that you liked this article on plaid shirt outfits for toddler boys. We really love plaid over here so be sure to check out the rest of our interesting articles about all things plaid. Until next time!